Sports Wager Types

Here, we’ll tell you what the most common types of sports wagers are that you can partake in, along with where to place ’em. All of our recommended sportsbooks that we feature here – chosen because of their sterling reputation and integrity, tremendous betting flexibility, and wide range of sports events to choose from – offer up the wagering types detailed below, along with many other unique betting options. So if you live for betting online on sports, like we do, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

Straight Bets

This is the most common type of sportsbetting bet, and the most straightforward. It’s a wager on the final score of a single game i.e. which team will win, or which team will lose. A point spread typically favors one team, meaning the underdog is given points as a head-start, designed to equalize the playing field. The team favorite is indicated by a minus sign (-2) whereas the underdog is preceded with a plus sign (+2). Keep in mind that the result of the game is determined by taking the final score of the game, then adding point(s) to the score of the underdog or subtracting point(s) from the favorite in order to incorporate the spread.

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Totals Bet

With a total bet, you can wager on whether the combined number of points scored by two teams will be over or under the total set by the sportsbook. If a sportsbook, for example, announces that the total is 40, and you believe that the combined total points scored by the teams will be more than that number, you would bet over. On the other hand, if you thought the total combined score would be less than 40, then you would bet under.

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Money Line Bets

In money line bets, a player bets more to wager on the team favorite. As an example, if the Yankees are a -125 favorite over the Angels, a bettor needs to lay $125 down in order to win $100. If the Yankees happen to lose, the bettor loses $125. If you bet on the underdog, the Angels for the sake of this example, you would lay down $100 in order to win $115 (10 cent line). If the Angels happen to lose, you’d only lose $100; however, if the Angels wins, you would win $115.

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Parlay Bets

A parlay is a bet on two or more teams or selections. It’s nice way to combine different sports, money lines, and point spreads. You need to win all games in the parlay in order to win the parlay – if even just one team loses, you’ll lose the bet.

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So, who doesn’t like variety? You’ll find an endless selection of sports wager types at our recommended spots, adding tremendous flexibility to your gambling at casinos experience.

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